3D-Dream, from a mere dream to the working reality of Industry 4.0

How 3D-Dream was born and its constant evolution.

I discovered 3D printing in 2012 thanks to my former owner who had tasked me with finding someone who could print parts for a prototype under construction, needless to say I was enchanted and from that day I realized that it would become not only my new passion but also my job.

About a year later I stopped being a mechanical designer as an employee and decided to jump into this amazing world that is 3D Printing.

The name chosen for the new business, which started in September 2014, is.
, (realize your dream…in 3D and actually my dream too).

I started out on my own in the tavern at home, where I designed, built, tested my first printers, and welcomed my first customers (some were working acquaintances who gave me confidence and helped make me known). Thanks to all this, I started selling my first 3D printers, Models V2 and V3.

From there, the machine projects and orders increased more and more, so to be able to keep up with the amount of work, I decided to move to a bigger place and hire assembly and accounting staff.

Another move, in 2017, to a shed where we were able to organize a space to display our FDM 3D printers.

3D-Dream S.r.l.
, although a young company, is making its way in the Italian and foreign 3D printing market by achieving good results. The goal is to design and build increasingly competitive and up-to-date 3D printers.

One of our strengths is customization, in fact we always try to please the customer by giving them the opportunity to have a 3D printer tailored to their own needs; the precision, cutting-edge and reliability of our machines are the strengths on which we base our work.

In addition to the construction of the printers, we are also involved in testing and using increasingly high-performance polymers, profiled specifically for our machines, which guarantee maximum results.

All this is possible through passion, expertise, continuous research and evolution of technologies and materials, and teamwork.


David Ravetta

Founder & CEO



Founder - CEO




Sales & Marketing

Matteo D.S.

Production and assembly

Matteo F.

Materials developer


Software developer

They say about us

12 recensioni su
Massimiliano Galli
Massimiliano Galli
17. Marzo, 2022.
Febo Trasatti
Febo Trasatti
17. Marzo, 2021.
Azienda dinamica e all'avanguardia. Stampanti 3d di alto livello, service di stampa attento, dettagliato e puntuale.
fabio salandin
fabio salandin
11. Maggio, 2020.
Marco De Atis
Marco De Atis
10. Marzo, 2020.
Un azienda all avanguardia pronta a risolvere qualsiasi esigenza di stampa 3d...anche in formati extra large... Personale competente e disponibile..
Marco Vinicio Bazzotti
Marco Vinicio Bazzotti
17. Gennaio, 2020.
Stampanti 3D da sogno, tutte italiane!
Marco Salatin
Marco Salatin
21. Ottobre, 2019.
Massimo Aliverti
Massimo Aliverti
15. Ottobre, 2018.
Persone molto qualificate e competenti
Fiorella Ravazzolo
Fiorella Ravazzolo
25. Luglio, 2018.
Ottima azienda..team molto professionale, gentili...
Matteo Di Sanzo
Matteo Di Sanzo
26. Gennaio, 2018.
Mary Dea
Mary Dea
3. Gennaio, 2018.
Ottimo servizio di stampa 3D, prototipazione rapida

Success is not only about what you achieve in your life. It is about what you inspire others to do.


High-performance, high-quality materials

Filaments designed to ensure excellent results.

Diverse applications of 3D printing

There is no industry that doesn’t need a 3D printer

Dedicated customer support

We respond promptly to solve any of your problems

3D design support

To get great results you also need to know how to design…in 3D

Integration of 3D into the production process

Benefits: Reduced time and costs

Industrial 3D Printers...even BIG SIZE!

Reliability, high precision and speed

Our reputation is proof of that!